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Your Path Is In The Cards

When you need a way, when you need a road map, when you are looking for directions and you feel so much on your own...

Come, sit, sip a cup of tea, breath, think, ask and seek and a path, your path, will reveal itself.

Directions will show up, at every sign at every turn, you will know what to expect. Knowing, you will be all empowered, inspired, and all much wiser.

Take your actions or your "non-action" actions, tame your destiny and be freed from fear.

Come, sit, think, ask me to read the path in the cards, the answers you seek are there.

All you ever need is just to come and sit with me, release your question, unload your burden, and alas!, there you have the tools to know, to move much faster forward in life.

You don't have to be in the dark, you never meant to be, you were always meant be able to see what is there ahead of you, in your life path.

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