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Trusting the Process of doing what you love

It never stops to amaze me how much I get surprised and how often the world of Tarot winks an eye to me. By now, you would think I should know better ... and yet, I still do not.

In the process of creating my website, write some blogs, review and write a deck review for TABI (Tarot Association of the British Islands), do some soul searching readings for my clients, visit back home for the first time in a life time and busy life I wondered how far the world of Tarot and I go back, and I asked myself how long has it been since I first got in contact with Tarot, or should I say that Tarot got in contact with me?.

Through the years, Tarot and I had a very varied relationship, sometimes I read book after book, wrote articles, and our relationship was very academic and bookish, other times, I just did not have time for reading books and the relationship was more like "in case of an emergency", and other times it was intimate, close, and caring. Nowadays, I could say that Tarot is an integral part of my life, a deck of cards is always with me, it is my passion, it is my hobby, it is my profession and one of my jobs. Above all it is one of the few things I will do for free if I could have a chance to do it. I just love it!.

I went back to Europe for the fist time in 30 years, and I visited my mother's home. Because she moved there after my father's passing when I was a child. and I only lived there a few days at a time when I came back on vacation from school, ( after my father passed, we were sent to schools out of town), and later on college, I was very surprised when looking for something else in a room that has not been used in decades, I stumbled on a Tarot book,I thought I was reading wrong, it was thick, super thick, and covered in dark, thick dust, I stood there, frozen in the moment, travelling from past to present several times, trying to understand, if it was, was I reading right?, how on earth it got there?.

I cleaned the dust, adjusted my glasses, I was reading right, I did not remember the book, I opened the book and right there in a childish handwriting my name and the year looked back at me, I was 12 or 13 years old when I wrote that. The marks on the pages and the bookmarks tell me that I did read it from cover to cover, a life time ago.

The Tarot was answering my question when I was not even looking for it. It does it all the time, even in cases when everything else points to a different outcome, there it is giving me the ultimate answer, whether I like it or not, whether I can or want to see it or not.

I believe that Tarot only gives you the light to see a possible path. Like the Hermit, is telling us, here there is some wisdom, some truth, some path, what we do with it , how we go about it and what we learn from it is up to us, and that is the beauty of the whole process.

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