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Tarot on Florida Governor (within next 6 -12 months )

Lately it has been kind of crazy times all over the world.

We have been forced to look how things are far away from us and how it is affecting us closer to home.

Looking locally at the State of Florida and the Governor in Tarot.

The first card was the Devil in reverse, indicating a position of weakness, instability. A need to change the influences under which the governor and Florida have been acting in order do things differently. The second card, was the 2 of Discs, indicating indecision, trying to cope with different options, struggling with different influences. The third card, was the Knight of cups, this could be the Governor De Santis himself, facing difficulties to keep the position. The fourth card, which means what is leaving the situation or immediate past shows us the eight of Discs, indicating that there have been hard work and preparation in the past to get to today's position and move it on forward into the future. It could also means that the actual experiences in the ones in the past will be used to launch his actions towards the future. The fifth card, is a great positive Sun card. The governor is positive towards his future and success, however the sixth card, which indicates a possible future gives us the Five of Swords. Fives are always troublesome, and in this case the suit of Swords also indicates conflict, reinforcing trouble, lack of sensitivity and not being in touch with reality. Ruling by force won't be successful and won't last, and the negativity involve will bring loss and pain.

The seventh position, indicating his own feelings, give us the Ace of Disks, this will bring feelings of success, documents will be successfully passed and the whole environment will give the governor a feeing of the beginning of unlimited success. External influences, card number eight, give us the three of Discs, meaning that the Governor is going to be watched by others, and influenced by others. He is going to work and his skills may help him go through the difficulties. Card nine, which shows us the Governor own hopes, shows us the three of wands, he is hoping to be able to be in control, get the cooperation he needs to manage his government the way he envisions, however, the possible outcome shows us the eight of Swords, meaning that he is not going to be free to move and do as he wants to. He will not be able to see clearly, and will have things limiting his actions and communications, perhaps, his message is not coming across as he would want to.

As of now, the state of Florida, will be a good place, where work and skills may help Floridians move on with their lives, although they should move on with caution and prudence.

The governor's position is not solid, it has challenges and may not be as positive and solid as De Santis thinks it is. Different types of people have their eyes on it, they are with different agendas. The governor, should be more in tune with his own actions, ideology, and Floridians, and rethink his influences. Next elections in November 2022, may give him a very low margin of success, or his party elected members may change and therefore limit his power to take action.

I will do a follow up reading as we get closer to the date.



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