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Oh, I thought you were my friend.....

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Have you ever been in this situation?....

My life with Tarot is like a parallel reality, not everyone who knows me, knows I read the Tarot, and for a reason. I always have a tarot deck, a kipper deck or Lenormand deck with me, wherever I go, but it is always hidden in my handbag or in one of my pockets.

When someone starts learning to read the Tarot, many authors and teachers advice to read for yourself and friends....well, I am not so sure about this. I find that sooner or later, friends get it personal, either they think that you should always tell them what they want to hear, or they have the impression that you will read the Tarot and invest hours for free for the rest of the years to come.

Back in the time when I was a teenager, I started to read for others, and my classmates used to ask me questions about boys, their weekend, it was cool, then from classmates it grew to schoolmates and then I got the backlash, when the boy she was interested in came up in the reading as interested in another girl, I was to blame, and some took it personal. Eventually, with time, practice, study and direction from teachers I learnt to manage the situation.... or so, I thought.

In the US, we have been divided over politics, reunited by Johny Depp's trial saga, on direct tv. and again divided by who of the two we believe to be less fake, and therefore win the case.

Contrary to the UK, court cases in the US can be broadcasted live from the court room. So, before you know it, you have a infinite number of channels in YouTube, Facebook , Instagram, and what not commenting on it.

The tarot community, also had something to say.

Some Tarot readers, claimed that some of their followers wanted to know who will win, and some others, just decided to do a reading because it is one of the topics trending now and there is not a single person in the country that did not hear about it.

What I have been noticing more and more is bias.

I see a tarot reader as a channel, as a facilitator that is helping me find my answers. I do not think that she is giving me her personal opinion about whatever the matter is about, unless I specifically ask her for it.

She or he may be using her personal experience as a reader to read the cards and verbalise her personal interpretation of the spread however, I always assumed that her or his personal opinion was not on the table too.

The Tarot readings that I am seeing on several channels in the US, either about who will win the elections, war in Ukraine or on Amber Heard vs John Depp are influenced by the reader's personal opinion about whatever is the topic of the reading, subsequently, he or she gets nasty comments or compliments depending on if the result of the reading + reader's opinion are in line with the public's.

I have been always under the impression that my own personal thoughts can influence the reading, and therefore I avoid to read the Tarot for people I know as friends. I do not like to tell myself off when something comes up in the reading and I do not like it.

I do not like to tell a friend her husband is having an affair, or she may lose her job, and subsequently I double guess myself.

Sometimes, I have been told, mostly when things are not seen as positive, " oh, I did not get the job, or some negative event happened because you saw that in the cards". However, when the opposite happens, no one says that such and such thing happened because I saw it first in the cards.

Some readers, validate their personal opinion. Like "who will win the case?, oh, I hope so and so wins because I like it more".

Do you think, that the personal opinion of your Tarot reader is important?, would you trust the reading?.

Do you think that as Tarot readers our personal opinion may have or should have a place in what we tell to our questioners?


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