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Is it difficult to read the Tarot?

And now .... ?

People react differently to Tarot cards, and to the scene of someone like me reading cards either for myself or for others. People reactions show the wide extend of human nature and comes to validate the archetypes shown in the Tarot cards.

Some people get upset and go away, they do not know and they do not understand. Others get upset and do not like it and behave disrespectful. However, most people are curious and wether they believe in it or not it is irrelevant.

Curiosity moves them to ask questions that, at times, are an spark of self reflection.

Among the many questions asked by the public one made me think deeply, "what is the most difficult part of Tarot?", I could have answer many different answers and all would have been true. I could have say that for most readers to deal with the court cards is at times still difficult, or trying to make sense when you do not understand the spread you just displayed in front of you, instead, the 3 of swords, came to my mind. Three swords piercing down a red plum heart in the middle of what seems to be an storm of rain or tears in the Rider Waite Tarot.

The hardest part of reading Tarot is not to learn the cards' meanings and the meaning of possible combinations, learning the different layers of symbolism and meaning hidden in the cards.

To me, the hardest part is to be right when the spread shows the 3 of swords.

what I mean with this is to clearly see that the reading is showing a not so positive outcome and be right on.

My clients wanted to see if their offer on their first home together was going to be successful, we all put so much work, hope, illusion and effort. It was hard to see that my clients' deal despite all the boxes being ticked out, was going to be down the hill in the most disappointing way and for no apparent reason.

As I couldn't end the reading with such a heart breaking news, I felt moved to clarify the 3 of swords and the ultimate outcome meant that the heart breaking shown in the 3 of Swords, would be transformed in happiness and success.

There is a huge responsibility when reading the Tarot. It is not a thing to take lightly.

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