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How Tarot Awareness has changed today.

Tarot awareness has been changing. A big part of it is the breaking down of our society as we knew it and the isolation, or the fear of it , we all face.

Suddenly, we lost control, we lost contact with others because of either they are no longer alive or they are isolating. People and cultures that used to hug each other, now hesitate, society is divided over things that were unthinkable just 3 or 4 years ago.

We lost trust and track. Also, mental health is out of reach for a wide section of the population world wide.

How can we regain some feeling of masterminding our life?, By seeking answers out of the traditional paths, that may not be helping much now, anyway. The Tarot.

Tarot brings the answers to big questions down to us, closer to our basic needs. Social Media, Tv channels nor Radio station, can bring you direction on what is going on at your work and what YOU can/ should do about it.

It brings peace of mind and empowerment to the regular person that needs to face his or her day to day and keep marching. At least this is what I have experienced in the numbers of people that contact me via phone or Instagram or just randomly as I go about my day.

They are regular average people with questions seeking guidance and reassurance about their jobs prospects, their business future and how their fears can get better. People lost, their familiar routine, their loved ones, friends, job settings, job security and trust in whatever is going on out there…. the Tarot may have the path that you need for your peace of mind, your empowering and your self confidence in you and life.

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