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Believe you deserve better everything... and get it!

On the 30 of April we will be in a New Moon phase, and it is in Taurus.

A New Moon brings us possibilities for a fresh start, start walking towards something new, focus on your health and well being.

It is refreshing to know that after the darkest hour, light returns again, we have a new chance to renew our lives and feel empowered to risk trying again.

You can have what you want, even material things, it is a great moment to do a financial business or budget plan. Believe in yourself. Value yourself and the universe and others will value you.

Kabbalistically speaking is the beginning of a month for healing, abundance and is connected to the kidneys and everything related to it.

In the Kabbalistic system of correspondences, kidneys are the subconscious/instinctive root of emotion, as opposed to the heart area (Chessed, Gevurah, Tiferet—kindness, strength and harmony) that express the conscious emotions. The test of whether a characteristic is truly integrated into a person is when the spontaneous impulses arising from the kidneys are always and only aligned with it.

Let's believe that we deserve better and more of everything good that helps us reach our potential.


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